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Underneath is a copy paste, from the current application template:

Here you may apply to join this site, please fill out as much information as possible to the best of your ability.
You will be notified by email if there is an update!

Personal Information




Do you have a working microphone that you are not afraid to use?

How well do you speak English?

Tell us about yourself:

Character Information

Character Name:

Race, class, and Mainspec/offspec

Artifact trait level in Mainspec/offspec

Days played on main character:

Wowprogress link:

Warcraftlogs link:

UI Screenshot during raid:


Demonstrate to us that you’re knowledgeable about your class. Please explain your stat priority, talents, rotation and strengths and weaknesses of your class/spec. Be thorough!

Tell us about your raiding experience in this expansion:

Tell us about your raiding experience in previous expansions:

What would you consider to be the "hardest" encounter for you so far in the current tier, and why?

Tell us about your recent guilds, what was your role in them and why did you leave them?

We raid Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 19.30 to 23.00 (Invites start at 19.15). Are you able to attend at these times with at least 90% attendance?

Have your read our guild rules and agree with them?

Tell us ab out your PC specs and internet connection. Is it stable?

How do you prepare yourself for raids?

Progress might mean wiping for hours on the same boss, how do you deal with that? Whta's your attitude towards wiping?

How well do you deal with criticism. Can you handle it? Can you accept your mistakes and improve on them?

Why do you want to join The Dedicated Few?

Why should we select you over others?

What's the word? (Guild rules)

And last write what legendaries you have:)
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